Mission Possible 360 (“MP360”) is a non-profit social services organization based in San Antonio, Texas.  We work with at-risk juveniles primarily in the near west, south and east areas of San Antonio.
The actual work of ministering to at-risk and troubled youth began informally by the MP360 founder, in ___.  (MORE about how and why it started without too much of John’s bio) 
In 2013, Mission Possible 360, Inc. was formally incorporated in the State of Texas.  MP360’s office and classroom space is located at 3014 Rivas Street, just west of downtown San Antonio.   We have worked with over ___ at-risk young people and their families to deal with and overcome their traumatic past, to turn their lives around and to chart a new and better future.
Our only current full-time, paid staff member is John Vacca.  However, the organization has several part-time capable and compassionate volunteers who also present elements of the program (particularly to females), mentor the young clients, provide help in preparing the young people for entering the work force, participate in a special “crossing the bridge” retreat, and work behind the scenes to help run and support the organization and its life-changing mission.
MP360 (and/or John Vacca) has partnered with or has current partnership arrangements with several individuals, like-minded non-profits, for-profit businesses, and government organizations including:  ____LIST___
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