Who are our clients?  What are they like?  And where do they come from?
Age range of clients, estimated average age

Range and percentage makeup (%) of ethnicity

Description of typical client:
  • % Single-parent families
  • Under poverty level
  • Section(s) of the city
  • % in gangs
  • % with prior exposure to faith tradition
  • Education situation/level
  • Job skills (or lack thereof)
  • Looks (tattoos, piercing/jewelry, gang paraphernalia, clothing, hair, etc)
  • Police record / trouble with the law / dentention-jail-prison
  • Drug abuse history, if any
  • Types of trauma (deaths of friends/family, violence, abuse, abandonment, constant want, etc)
Describe intake/application form and its use
Issues/baggage the clients bring in with them?  Typical problems over the course of the program (tardiness, lack of involvement, tiredness, effects of drugs, couldn’t come due to legal/other issue, etc)
Rules/requirements for staying in the program (full attendance, no drugs, no gang behavior, active involvement, progress toward graduation, etc)?
Why clients attend MP360 program:
  Forced to come? Friend/family attended?  Authority (parent, court, police, etc) imposed or strongly recommended it?  Bribed?  Personally desired to come?  Bored or just curious?  Other?
Conflicts or problems between clients attending program at same time (rival gangs, race issues, language, mental health issues, affected by drugs, competing for attention, other)?
Describe typical client on entry into the program (cocky, scared, withdrawn, unfocused, immature, undisciplined, uncaring, angry, unhappy, faithless, hopeful, etc.)?
How rapid or noticeable the change in behavior/maturity over the course of the program?
Describe typical client upon completion the program?  Percent graduating from the program?  Reasons for dropping out?  Reasons for being kicked out?
Which part of the program appears to have the greatest impact on clients (faith sharing, mentorship, etc)?
Estimated cost of program per client?
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