“Mission Possible 360 empowers at-risk young people in the San Antonio area to make life choices that positively impact their present behaviors and future direction through trauma-informed programs, individual counseling, community-based mentoring, job-readiness training and faith sharing.  MP360 aims help those in its care to break the cycle of abuse and poverty, improve school attendance and performance, avoid incarceration, heal brokenness in themselves, their families and other relationships, successfully enter the work force, and become positive influences in the lives of others.”
This underlying and fundamental statement of purpose helps our clients, supporters and government agencies better understand why we exist, who and where we serve, what is most important for us to do, and how we measure results.
Just as we help our young clients to chart a better course for their future, we also work on strategic planning so we can better execute on our mission and move forward.  We are not satisfied with the status quo but instead seek to reach out even further  to those in need around us and help change lives… the lives of the young people who come to us, their families, our volunteers, our supporters, our partners and other members of our local community.  To do this, we constantly imagine our future and envision the road and mileposts that will get us there. 
“We endeavor to grow steadily and widen our reach to offer all at-risk young people in our broadened area, regardless of race, gender, economic status, and past history, the opportunity have a life-changing experience through MP360, leading to a positive, life-changing ripple effect in our community.   We deliver bold, dynamic programs and services which produce extraordinary results and inspire life-long growth for all those who come to us.  Our expanding group of volunteers are fully engaged and committed, and those in our care are inspired to imitate their loving and selfless actions. We partner with like-minded groups and local community leaders to broaden our resources, expertise and capacity to positively change lives. We thrive upon abundant, broad-based, consistent, long-term funding.  Our supporters are enthusiastic about our mission and our faithful stewardship of their contributions.  We are excited about where we are and where we are going.  We believe all things are possible. We keep the faith, pursue our mission and witness miracles.”
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