Welcome to Mission Possible 360

Mission Possible 360, Inc.  (“MP360”) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt  non-profit organization formed in Texas in 2013.  We are dedicated to helping at-risk young people in the San Antonio area to chart a new and better course for their life.

Our name says a lot about us and what we do. First, we are “mission-focused,” that is to say; our approach, efforts and limited resources are all dedicated to guiding at-risk juveniles toward a better future. Our approach and program has been narrowed and fine-tuned over the years to more effectively serve these young men. We don’t try to be all things or to do all things. Our methods are tried and true and we stay with what we have found works well with troubled youth.

While we admit it is not quick or easy to turn around an at-risk youth, we are always optimistic and believe that building a successful life is possible for every young person. It is important to place ambitious goals and high expectations on our young clients. And then give them the knowledge, tools, and resources to make the necessary changes… to help them believe that a better way of life for them is indeed “possible.”

MP360 also provides adult services in offering or leading domestic violence intervention programs. We work primarily with the perpetrators or batterers to help them come to grips with their actions, accept accountability, learn skills to avoid violence and become mature and peaceful husbands, fathers and family members. MP360 also offers a Parenting Plus program for parental skill building and family strengthening.

Why not call ourselves “Mission Possible 180” since it appears that our mission is to help adolescents (and adults) make a 180 degree change in their lives? We certainly work hard to help juveniles turn their lives around and to guide them toward positive adulthood, but we want them to reach for even more. We encourage our young people to ultimately look beyond themselves and think about helping others… becoming an example, role model and mentor to other at-risk youth. In doing so, they come full circle or a full 360 degrees. The same is true for the adult men we instruct, coach and mentor to change their violent ways and become better husbands and fathers.

We invite you to peruse our website to learn more about who we are, what we do, why MP360 is successful, and how you can support our mission.

If you want to reach MP360, please visit our Contact Us page.


Mission Possible 360 empowers at-risk young people in the San Antonio area to make life choices that positively impact their present behaviors and future direction through trauma-informed programs, individual counseling, community-based mentoring, job-readiness training and faith sharing. Learn more at “Our Mission” page.
We endeavor to grow steadily and widen our reach to offer all at-risk young people in our broadened area, regardless of race, gender, economic status, and past history, the opportunity have a life-changing experience through MP360, leading to a positive, life-changing ripple effect in our community. Learn more at “Our Vision” page.

Our Motto is “Reaching Teaching Sending”. This is the core of MP360, its very mission.  Outreach comes first, them teaching those juveniles through the MP360 programs and personal involvement, and then sending the juveniles back into the community to be forces for good.  Visit the“Our Motto” page for more info.

Mission Possible 360 was incorporated in the State of Texas in 2013 and was approved by the IRS on February 22, 2013 as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. However, the founder of MP360, John Vacca, had been working for several years before that time to develop programs and solutions to the poverty, abuse and violence problems facing local youth and their families.  Learn more at “Our Founder” page.

The founder, staff and volunteers of MP360 are devoted to Judeo-Christian principles in their work at MP360 and in their daily lives.  We expect high standards for ourselves and place high positive expectations on our young clients.  We will strive to be good examples in our community and demonstrate honesty, integrity, compassion, humility and faithfulness.

MP360’s program, intervention and personal approach is focused, relevant and shown to be effective!

Culturally Focused

Inviting at-risk youth and their families to embrace their cultural heritage and appreciate their cultural identity.  We inspire our juvenile clients to seek out and learn from the positive virtues of their own  culture and be accepting of the many other cultures in today’s society.

Positive Development

Our outlook for our youth is optimistic and we try to instill this sense of optimism in our clients.  It is important to approach our difficulties with a positive outlook which leads to a positive development in behavior, expectations, self  esteem and future success.

Trauma Informed

Since nearly all of our young clients have experienced trauma ranging from abuse, violence, homelessness, rejection, loss and despair, we provide “trauma-informed” care focused on transparency, peer support, collaboration and empowerment, in a safe and secure environment.

Evidence Based

Social programs and personal intervention to help overcome the problems facing our troubled youth are important, but they must also be practical, timely and effective.  The program and curriculum offered by MP360 is “evidence-based” and shown to have positive and lasting results.

MP360’s program uses, in part, components of the proven “El Joven Noble” (Noble Young Man) curriculum and other unique elements

  • In-take form and pre-assessment to determine a baseline for each juvenile at the start.

  • Connection with a personal mentor to provide a positive example of noble manhood.

  • Personal acknowledgment, the importance of “your word”, and what is a “noble man”.

  • The dead ends: alcohol abuse, drug abuse, crime, violence, broken relationships.

  • Understanding the “Circle of Life”, cultural identity, and positive traditions to build on.

  • Sacred life, ancestors virtuous ways, and the process of healing from deep wounds.

  • Role of God in our lives, faith sharing and story telling; a spiritual foundation.

  • “Rites of Passage” retreat at nearby campgrounds, crossing over to noble manhood.