The “Joven Noble” (Noble Young Man) curriculum is an evidenced-based character and responsibility program offered through MP360 for at-risk juveniles. The ten-part curriculum is a process developed by Jerry Tello and encompasses Latin rites of passage. The program’s specific goal is to “increase the ability of youth to act in a responsible and respectful way in reference to their relationships.”

Each young man who makes his commitment to Joven Noble, walks a different journey. Throughout the 10 lessons, students address specific influences in their lives that may be causing trauma and disconnection in their relationships. Prevention of substance abuse, teen pregnancy, broken relationship and gang violence are negative influences which the program addresses. In the collective group they experience guidance and nurturing leading to development of character and responsibility to themselves and their families.

The Joven Noble curriculum is divided into four stages of development, Conocimiento (Acknowledgement), Entendimiento (Understanding), Integración (Integration), and Movimiento (Movement) – and is designed to include the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of each as a basis for direction. Each stage uses a mixture of activities and teaching experiences relating to a young man’s self, family, and community.

The following are the protective factors that this curriculum is intended to enhance:

  • Community Domain -community rewards for pro-social involvement
  • Family Domain –family opportunities and rewards for pro-social involvement
  • School Domain –school opportunities and rewards for pro-social involvement
  • Peer & Individual Domain –Character development, social skills and the belief in the moral order

The curriculum is deeply rooted in the traditions and customs of the Latino culture and reinforces the positive aspects of family, culture, and community. Attention is given to the participant’s level of acculturation and family make-up. The curriculum provides each adolescent with information and guidance related to a multitude of life skills issues including reproductive health, substance abuse, gangs, relationship violence, community rights and responsibilities and leadership development. The program has been used across the country in over 20 states and recognized as an evidenced based practice and funded by federal, state and local sources in programs with great success.

The Fire and Water curriculum is a segment of the overall Joven Noble rites of passage program which works well with young people who are experiencing anger/violence (fire).