Support MP360

Give of your time to work with and help our youth.

Mentorship Program– Being a mentor is an important role to help the participant to have support and an advocate. All mentors shall complete an orientation and training.
Give of your time to work directly with the juveniles who need your guidance and example.
Your time can also be used in otherways that are important… such as praying for the success of our mission and helping get the word out about our ministry.

Everyone has talents that can help our youth.

We invite you to use your individual talents, experience and heart to give a boost to MP360 in its operations, financial management, administrations, public relations, legal assistance and fundraising. There are more opportunities to give and to serve than we can mention here.
Making use of your talents can also provide a tremendous example to our young clients.

To be effective and sustainable, we need financial and material support.

Our greatest resource is our people but we can’t do very much without the financial support of our community, local businesses and public institutions. In addition, we need material resources to operate such as office equipment, supplies and the like. Giving to us in-kind helps us conserve our limited funds.
We truly appreciate the sacrifice many have made to financially and materially support MP360!