Why MP360?

Mission Possible 360 is focused on restoring and improving the lives of at-risk young people and their families in our community. We believe that this cause is important and worth the time, resources and effort expended to successfully pursue this mission. Nonetheless, it is worth discussing questions that might be asked, such as:

Is the mission of MP360 worthwhile in the eyes of our clients, supporters and community?

Does the MP360 leadership and volunteers have the background, experience and qualifications to effectively carry out the mission?

Are the programs and services offered by MP360 finding success and making a real difference?

Are there other people, groups or government organizations in our community also carrying out that same mission?

Is the Mission Worthwhile?
The problems, challenges and temptations facing young people in our community can be overwhelming. Many of these difficulties are described in the page. Unless the community at large prefers to turn a blind eye to these issues and ignore the plight of the young people at-risk of a dead-end future, the problems, social costs and cycle of poverty, crime and abuse will continue and grow. The need for focused, trauma-informed programs to help at-risk juveniles in our community is critical. Our young clients, supporters and others in our community have clearly expressed the importance of and positive difference being made by MP360. To learn what others think about MP360, visit the and pages.

Is the MP360 Team up to the Task?
The MP360 team led by John Vacca has what it takes to reach and help the at-risk young people in our community. Mr. Vacca and some volunteers grew up in similar neighborhoods and experienced similar trauma. They became educated in dealing with such a difficult environment (also known as the ‘school of hard knocks’). Mr. Vacca has attended many pertinent conference and taken many social services courses that directly apply to the Mission. For more information on the MP360 team members and their background, experience and qualifications, visit the page.

Is MP360 Making a Real Difference?
While the MP360 team fully believes that real progress and positive life changes are being made, it is important to look objectively, wherever possible, at the accomplishments and results of the MP360 programs and services. The Joven Noble curriculum used by MP360 is ‘evidence-based’ and has been rigorously studied and verified for its effectiveness helping to change the lives of at-risk youth. MP360 has been using the Joven Noble Curriculum for years and has likewise shown it to be effective.

Are Others Doing the Exact Same Thing?
In just about every sizable community, including San Antonio, there is a patchwork of individuals, non-profits, business groups and government organizations that provide assistance, support, resources and education to citizens in need. It is not uncommon for the work of some of these to overlap to small degree. However, due to the very limited funding for the broad range of social ills in our community, there are not other individuals, non-profits, business groups and government organizations that have the same mission (cover the same ground) as MP360. In essence, if MP360 did not exist, most or all of its young clients would not find comparable help or a similar result. Their future would be uncertain at best and dismal at worst.