Program Overview

Joven Noble Curriculum:

Is an evaluated 10-session curriculum that includes youth positive development, support, and leadership enhancement, which heals childhood trauma and preparedness for adulthood. The curriculum also promotes responsible and respectful behavior in relationships with their family and community. We create sacred space where they learn that they have a sacred purpose.


Is offered to address the many issues youth face today, common problems range from depressive symptoms, anger or explosive episodes, defiance toward authority, drug use (experimental and dependency), poor academic performance, mood swings, social and peer conflict. Also includes, anger management skill training, behavioral training, and teen parent training.


The philosophy of MP360 is that through adults teaching and role modeling for adolescents the principles of true young man and woman will have a deeper meaning and purpose for life. The MP360 program participant spends time with his adult mentor on a one to one basis beginning the process of restoring the broken image of a “Male Role Model”. As their relationship builds the mentor begins to instill in the youth the Concept of La Palabra, the Word, is instilled in the youth. With statements that is, I give you my Word, I will not hurt you. I will be a good example for you. I will get you the help you need. I will value you. You can trust me.”

Job Readiness:

Consists of weekly sessions of job readiness training (e.g., educating participants in knowing how to interview, complete job applications, understand employer expectation, and learning professional dress technique.)

Faith Sharing:

As a way to continue helping youth grow in a positive way the mentors and staff will present the many ways youth can begin to learn more about faith. This may include learning and understanding the bible, entering a faith-based church, learning an examination of consciousness, and responsibility of community service and charity.

Rites of Passage Retreat:

The Hero’s Journey is an exciting three-day retreat for youth under the guidance of adult mentors, finding sacredness and purpose, crossing the bridge from adolescence into young adulthood, healing wounds and learning life skills, discover their talents and gifts. The setting of the retreat takes place at an outdoors natural environment where students experience fishing, canoeing, boating, building sacred fires and cooking, swimming, hiking (day and night), setting up tents outdoor equipment operation, meditation and relaxation, Indigenous arts, crafts, archery, walking sticks, and spirit sticks. For the majority of our participants this is the first time they have ever done or participated in any of these outdoor activities.