MP360 Parenting Program

NOTE: Anyone referred to our MP360 Program from Bexar County Court of Law 13 with Honorable Judge Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez, please first contact John Vacca, Executive Director of MP360, via cell 210-519-1304.

Program Overview:

MP360 offers a 20-session (10 week) program for parents based, in part, on some of the elements of the “Face and Heart – Cara y Corazon” program for adult parents developed by Jerry Tello. Face and Heart – Cara y Corazon is a family strengthening, leadership development program that maintains that at the base of every culture, community, family and parent are the resiliency factors that can be tapped to assist parents and family members to build positive, healthy relationships with their children and themselves. By building on positive cultural values and traditions the curriculum guides parents to reflect on how they can maintain this positive form of identity while integrating and adapting the positive elements to today’s contemporary society. Primary elements of Face and Heart include:

  • Teaching parents realistic behavior expectations of children based on the stages and phases of development.
  • Teaching parents appropriate, non-aggressive discipline and ways to manage and correct misbehavior. It is important to discuss specific examples of family rules and how firm rules can promote values of dignity, respect, trust, and love.
  • Helping parents recognize their gifts (strengths). Family members must learn to recognize and celebrate each other’s gifts and use them when parenting.
  • Connecting parents, if available, to Community Building Sacred Circles for continued care after they complete the parenting program: To create bonds and build relationships among parents for continued support and encouragement, leadership growth, continued healing, decision making, information exchange about local parenting resources.

In addition, the MP360 program adds or expands on certain topics or other elements for positive parenting including:

  • Guidance toward positive or nurturing parenting (and away from negative or abusive parenting)
  • Developing empathy toward a child’s needs
  • Importance of good communication styles including the value of listening
  • Appropriate parental expectations of the child
  • Avoiding role reversal (where parents expect the child to be sensitive to the parent’s needs)
  • Discipline and appropriate forms and levels of punishment
  • Stopping inter-generational cycles of child abuse
  • Parenting after violence

The 20-session program is designed to be given over a 10 week period with two one-hour sessions presented on one evening each week. Under the current conditions and health-related restrictions, the sessions will be presented virtually through video conferencing using the Zoom Rooms online software. While the use of Zoom conferencing by MP360 is expected to be used for the foreseeable future, the program may be switched to live sessions (at a location to then be determined) if and when appropriate. Also:

  • The program is offered in a group setting as MP360 considers this approach to learning positive parenting behaviors and skills as the most effective format.
  • MP360 program facilitators have extensive experience and/or training parenting issues, domestic violence, trauma healing and other related topics. They are and will continue to be violence-free, not abusing alcohol or drugs, and strive to be fair, unbiased, non-judgmental and not have sexist attitudes.
  • Participating parents are required to pay a fee for service on a session-by-session basis, but provisions may be made for those who are indigent.
  • Attendance at each and every session (if by the order of the court) is mandatory and parents missing any session without a clearly legitimate reason or extenuating circumstances will be reported to and dealt with by court officials. In addition, parents are also expected to actively participate in the session exercises and discussions, and not just be present.
  • Upon meeting all of the requirements of the MP360 program and the Court (if court ordered), including successful completion of the program, the participant will receive a certificate of program completion from MP360 in a form prescribed by or otherwise acceptable to the Bexar County Court.


Every parent planning or required to attend the MP360 Parenting program must first register for the program. The registration information required is rather lengthy and it is highly recommended that parent participants have various personal, medical and court-related information on-hand when going through the registration process. When ready to register, click on the “register” button below. The cost to register for the MP360 Parent Program is $30.00, payable at the time of registration. Please use the Paypal button below to pay the registration fee or contact MP360 Executive Director John Vacca at (210) 519-1304 to make alternative payment or registration arrangements.

NOTE: Online Registration will require signing into (or signing up for) a free account

Session Cost and Payment Methods:

The cost to parent participants is $30.00 per each one-hour session payable in advance to MP360 online via Paypal using the link below (click on the button) or by direct payment to the MP360 facilitator by check or money order in advance or no later than on the day of that session. Any checks or money orders must be made out to “Mission Possible 360”. No allowances will be made for late payments. No registration or session payments or pre-payments are refundable. NOTE: YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED ENROLLED UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU HAVE AT LEAST PAID THE REGISTRATION FEE.



The total cost of the 20-session program at $30 per session is $600. Batterer participants may elect to pay for the entire program in advance will receive a ten-percent (10%) discount of $60 and therefore will be charged $540.00 (plus the $30 registration fee). No session payments or pre-payments are refundable.