“Reaching Teaching Sending”

Our motto is, in essence, our mission.

“Reaching” means that our efforts begin with outreach, seeking out those juveniles and families in our community that are hurting and in need of a guiding hand. We reach out directly to young people and also have outreach assistance from others in our community including neighbors, other non-profits, social workers, school administrators, business leaders, religious workers, police officers and even court systems. Wherever and however we find these youth in need of intervention, we try to help. We also work with the local court system to provide services to perpetrators of domestic violence.

“Teaching” is the primary goal of MP360. Teaching is much more than book learning or typical classroom education. As described elsewhere on this website, the program offered by MP360 is holistic; that is, it is designed to help the whole person. MP360 “teaching” for youth includes elements of the Joven Noble curriculum that addresses specific influences in the lives of our youths that may be causing trauma and disconnection in their relationships, focusing on personal development and community, family, school and peer interactions. Teaching also involves counseling, mentoring, faith sharing, and developing life skills such as job readiness. Teaching, instructing, cajoling and guiding of perpetrators of abuse and domestic violence is also a primary objective ofMP360.

“Sending” is the ‘360-degree’ part of MP360. After reaching out to the at-risk youth (and certain adults) and teaching them through our program, we encourage our graduates to come full circle. We hope to inspire our graduates to be a light in their community, to be positive examples to their peers and to their families, and be ambassadors for MP360 by reaching out and inviting others like themselves to undergo the life-changing experience through MP360.





Mission Possible 360 empowers at-risk young people in the San Antonio area to make life choices that positively impact their present behaviors and future direction through trauma-informed programs, individual counseling, community-based mentoring, job-readiness training and faith sharing. Learn more at “Our Mission” page.
We endeavor to grow steadily and widen our reach to offer all at-risk young people in our broadened area, regardless of race, gender, economic status, and past history, the opportunity have a life-changing experience through MP360, leading to a positive, life-changing ripple effect in our community. Learn more at “Our Vision” page.

Our Motto is “Reaching Teaching Sending”. This is the core of MP360, its very mission. Outreach comes first, them teaching those juveniles through the MP360 programs and personal involvement, and then sending the juveniles back into the community to be forces for good. Visit “Our Motto” page for more info.

Mission Possible 360 was incorporated in the State of Texas in 2013 and was approved by the IRS on February 22, 2013 as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. However, the founder of MP360, John Vacca, had been working for several years before that time to develop programs and solutions to the poverty, abuse and violence problems facing local youth and their families. Learn more at “Our Founder” page.

The founder, staff and volunteers of MP360 are devoted to Judeo-Christian principles in their work at MP360 and in their daily lives. We expect high standards for ourselves and place high positive expectations on our young clients. We will strive to be good examples in our community and demonstrate honesty, integrity, compassion, humility and faithfulness.