For Parents

Mission Possible 360 is committed to restoring and improving the lives of at-risk or marginalized teenage boys and their families in our community. While we work hard to achieve that goal, we cannot possibly do it alone, especially with regard to the teens themselves. An old African proverb says the “it takes a village to raise a child”, MP360 needs the community to help redirect and affirm teens who have been initiated by the MP360 program and rites-of-passage retreat. That most especially means support and affirmation from the heads of their families: parents, guardians, or other adult family members.

It’s not reasonable for parents or guardians to think that by just allowing their sons to attend the MP360 program and a rites of passage retreat/initiation, they’re going to automatically and perhaps miraculously become more responsible and resilient young men overnight. It takes a follow-up effort to help make keep the fire burning in their hearts.

It is therefore critically important that, after the MP360 rites-of-passage program and especially the retreat, the teen’s family, most especially parents and/or guardians, affirm and treat them as a changed and more responsible young man. Treating the young man with more respect and trust will foster mutual respect and maturity. If the young man instead does not experience any change in acceptance, recognition, expectations or treatment after returning to his family and community, the progress he made during the rites-of-passage event may be lost. Your positive support and affirmation will help him more than you can imagine.

Here are some suggested online resources for parents in working/dealing with their troubled or difficult teens: