Parenting Services

MP360 offers a court-ordered, as well as self-referral, parental skill building, family strengthening, and leadership development program for adults and families entitled “Parenting Plus.” This program is especially for those adult parents that have experienced relationship breakdown, trauma, and/or domestic violence issues. Our program is based, in part, on some of the elements of the “Face and Heart – Cara Y Corazon” program for parents and families developed by Jerry Tello, which focuses primarily on family strengthening, rebalancing and community involvement processes. The MP360 Parenting Plus also incorporates additional elements ranging from discussions of undesirable parenting behaviors, abusive parenting style, nurturing parenting style, important parenting skills, parenting after violence, and more.



Parents and their families often face many and varied anxiety, stressors and even traumas due to negative and harmful factors including domestic violence, substance abuse, lack of safety, single parenting issues, financial strains, exposure to crime, bias and more. These negative factors often lead to inadequate or even bad parenting. The most damaging behaviors of parents include physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. In addition, there are many less than desirable (and even negative) parenting behaviors including over or under involvement, little or no discipline, overly strict discipline, withdrawing affection and attention, shaming and more. Children without positive parenting are more at risk for their own relationship troubles, depression, anxiety, and aggression, among other negative outcomes. Children growing up in such households often develop a negative self-perception, control issues and rebellion, emotional and behavioral problems, and typically have lower academic success, higher incidents of gang involvement and illegal drug use, greater tendency toward solving disputes with violence, and repeating the undesirable parenting behaviors when they become parents.

MP360 offers a program to help parents recognize their behaviors that are undesirable or even harmful, guide them toward positive child-rearing behaviors, strengthening their family bonds, and help hurting families heal, reconcile and develop safe and loving home environments.